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While I was working in Gavdi on a quite big Rails applcation I noticed that I was not as effective as I used to be while working on smaller apps. It turned out that lot of time was spent in reloading the application in development mode which was not always necessary. So I wrote Active Reload and it was quickly merged into Rails so now every Rails developer can enjoy higher productivty.


I like the ideas behind Mongrel2 and wanted to try running some Rails applications on it to give it a try. Unfortunatelly most adapters are poorly maintained, miss some features or have them implemented contrary to ZMQ Guidlines. So I try to improve m2r every day until it shines. Working on that helps me improve my understanding of webservers, rack protocol, ZMQ and most importantly HTTP.


There are number of different gems for testing emails, so why creating another one ? Most of them invents new API for testing emails which is usually confusing and needless. I wanted to create a solution that would allow Rails developers to test emails using Capybara, the API they know and love. This gem also allows developers to easily test during acceptance testing emails delivered by external processes such as resque or sidekiq.

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The concept of validations for business objects in Rails is really usefull however sometimes it misses the ability to inform user about minor problems that are not critical for working of application but might indicate that user should take some action. It should be possible for user to dismiss such warnings in case they are not important and let the user save the record anyway. This gem provides exactly such funcionality.

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BBQ is an experimental testing framework build on top of Capybara that provides really nice api if your acceptance tests involve higher number of cooperating actors.

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Manage My Money

My first serious Ruby on Rails application written as final project for my studies. Web accounting software which implements a double-entry bookkeeping system.

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